How I Gained The Courage To Be Myself, And Just Farm.

It's funny when I think back, seems like a lifetime ago, I know I've grown as much. 8 years isn't a long time to go from a couple aloe vera plants, to a growing farming business.  Ever since I was a child I knew I had an affliction for growing things, it just never materialized until I had someone in my life I was able to share those thoughts with.

I remember well, throughout my teenage years and into young adulthood, the constant obligation to hold inside these thoughts of the simple life. I would dream of living in the wilderness, never having to come home, I would dream of finding a country wife, even though I was from the suburbs. As long as I can remember, I have been disappointed and let down by my fellow suburbanites. Because if there is one thing that is NOT cool in suburbia, its the talk of a slower, less dramatic country lifestyle, and the yearning for such.

I remember trying to play the song "Castles In The Air" by Don McLean, for some friends of mine. The song is about the singer trying to find a way to tell his lady, that "I will not be part, of her cocktail generation", and be a prisoner to the concrete jungle anymore, that he cannot tell her, because she would never understand. I was laughed at on numerous occasions for listening to such a song, and taking it seriously. Nobody I knew cared to hear my plea for someone to relate with about this seemingly insane urge to not be a part of this cocktail generation.

Finally, at 24, I met my future wife. The woman who I unknowingly would come to share with, this odd urge to pull up stakes and flip our world upside down. Over the next year, we talked and dreamed of this far away distant future where we could spend all our time in nature, away from the rest of the world.

I look forward to documenting our story, and sharing experience with those that care to listen. If this sort of thing interests you, please leave a comment below so I have the motivation to keep going with it!



Travis Schulert